Little League Clean Up Day and Leadership

A couple of weeks ago, there was a leadership lesson I gleaned during our our Little League’s annual Field Clean-Up Day. You can see my ruminations about character-based leadership and showing up over at the Lead Change Group’s blog with Leaders Show Up Even When It’s Not Fun. Go on over and check it out; I’d be happy to hear your input on this idea.

Here are some bonus reflection questions to ponder after you read the post:

  1. “Showing up” could have other meanings apart from the prevalent meaning of “being physically present”. What are some other ways that leaders “show up” (or don’t) at your organization?
  2. What circumstances surround you choosing not to fully ”show up” at work?
  3. Is there a place in your life outside of work that’s causing you to be AWOL? What one small step could you take today that would put you back on track to start being more present in someone’s life?



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