Linda Doliner is in The Lab’s Spotlight

In this week’s Spotlight Poll Linda Doliner is our winner.  I have known Linda for a while as she was one of the earliest work wednesday supporters (along with Eric Andersen at IBM).  Here is Linda, in her own words, talking about what makes her tick, and why you should consider her for one of your job openings.

It has been said that analytical people are good to have but not necessities. I would argue that, especially in this economy, analytical staff members are luxuries you cannot afford not to have. We will help you with the needs analysis that will allow your company to staff smartly, monitor your costs so that all relevant inputs are captured and price your products so that your salespeople can sell on value not on price. Management reporting will have all of the variables requested with readable charts and understandable graphs that convey information to those who are not inclined to like working with numbers.

My value proposition includes a strong commitment to internal customer service and process improvement experience so that good information gets into decision makers’ hands in a short turnaround time. My database experience is with custom written applications as well as using Access to tap into data warehouses. One of the nicest things ever said about me was that I eat Pivot Tables [with formulas] for breakfast. Another label for me is Excel Mercenary because my experience has been to be assigned a project, getting the information and people organized then being called off the project to work on yet another corporate initiative.

I am looking for a position with a company in the Boston area (Burlington <> Framingham <> Boston <> Quincy). I am not targeting any job title but rather am looking for an organization that will utilize my database, Excel and people skills to help grow the company.

You can learn more about and reach me via the following channels:

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