Like Blake Mycoskie, HR can do just a little more #SHRM13

I have a question for the typical #SHRM13 conference attendee.  Why are you here?

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Likely answers will be things like HRCI credits to maintain my PHR?SPHR, to learn about the latest and greatest trends in HR, to network, or even just to party and enjoy Chicago. All of these are legit. I think it’s important to remember that we cab do more.  It doesn’t event take much, and it can actually enhance your conference experience.

I’m listening to Blake Mycoskie of Tom’s Shoes speaking right now, He’s talking about how he built his business, built a super brand, and founded a social movement all at the same time.


It’s genius, and doable. It just takes a will, and a community


. Case in point, the #SHRM kickball  charity game that we held yesterday in Grant Park to raise money for the #NoKidHungry campaign.  About 60 people turned out to  play kickball, and raise  nearly $11,000 from our employers, family, friends and social media contacts.


We were able to do this because we had a goal and a community, which led us to build a little movement within SHRM, and with the help of SHRM.


Imagine what we could accomplish if we all worked together.   The goal of the #NoKidHungry program is to end world hunger in the next five years.  We did it small  this year.  Blake Mycoskie did it big..  What can we all do together?   That’s the kind of conference experience I want to have next yea

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