Lights, camera, browser! The interviewer gets interviewed …

The clichéd form of words would probably be to start with ‘Unaccustomed as I am …’, but being interviewed by someone else actually was a first. I’m therefore blushing slightly to mention that, as part of a two-stage, two-way dialogue with Peter Cook of The Rock’n’Roll Business Guru’s Blog, you can read my responses to Peter’s questions on subjects that include business, leadership, learning transfer and – as neither of us appear to be able to live without it, either literally or as a pricesless metaphor – music.

You can also download a PDF version of Peter’s most recent book, Punk Rock People Management. Previously acclaimed by Professor Charles Handy and Tom Peters, Peter mixes up business academia with music in a heady cocktail that reaches the parts that other business gurus do not dare to touch. Punk Rock People Management takes a critical look at Human Relations and offers some short and straightforward advice on hiring, inspiring and firing staff.  In the spirit of punk, Peter has made each chapter just two pages long – ideal for busy people and those who now browse books online (a Kindle edition is also available, along with a traditional full colour book.)  On hearing of the idea that you could read a chapter in less time than it would take to pogo to a Ramones or Linkin Park song, we understand that international author and speaker Tom Peters tweeted just four characters to Peter: “DO IT”!

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