Lessons Learned and 2010 Resolutions

This is a guest post by Dacrie Brooks.

During this time of year, most people – determined not to make the same mistake twice – will take a retrospective look back to what could’ve be done differently.

And while this typically involves personal retrospection (i.e., losing weight, better financial planning, etc), it wouldn’t hurt for PR professionals to examine PR lessons learned from 2009. Whether it’s re-evaluating your approach to counseling clients, maintaining better PR budgets in 2010, or simply making it a priority to communicate more effectively to media – every PR pro should have a resolution!

So, while we’re all in the spirit of giving this holiday season – I’m going to share my top two lessons learned in 09 and resolutions to strive for in 2010. Here we go:

1. Become a Better Communicator
If you’ve been a PR professional for more than a decade (like me), it’s time to brush up on your communication skills. As a senior PR professional, I have been guilty (I’m admitting this) of assuming that my clients understand how to reach their target audiences through media.  But in retrospect, I’ve learned not to assume and to challenge my clients’ thinking, strategies and ways of doing things. The same approach is not always the best approach. In 2010, I want to push my clients to become more innovative, strategic and passionate in the way they communicate with media. In order to do this, I must also push myself to think beyond the now.

2. Gain A Greater Sense of Balance
In 2009, everything is social. Whether it’s Facebook, Friendfeed, Linkedin, Digg or Twitter – almost everybody, everywhere is on one social media network. They’re even corporate communications programs specifically designed to be social. So now, people in the PR world are seeking to fill positions that require social media savvy experts.

But amid all of the social networks and social buzzwords, communications professionals should never fully discard traditional media. In fact, a solid PR campaign typically strikes a good balance between social and traditional media, and depends on both to make a real impact.  In 2010, I want to continue working with bloggers and online media but I should be coming up with new ways to blend the two to help clients build and reinforce their brands.

Dacrie Brooks is a seasoned PR executive with more than 10 years of media relations experience. She works with some of the nation’s most widely respected journalists at the top business and daily news outlets. You can find her at Brooks Media Relations.

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