Lessons in leadership from the Lone Ranger

I sat in on a session that  Mike Fiszer was delivering on Leading with Emotional Intelligence this morning at Edinburgh Napier University. I was fortunate enough to have participated in a workshop Mike delivered on EI last year . When I arrived he was covering ” Self Regard”  and why the ability to accept your own strengths and weaknesses is important in leadership.

Mike is a master storyteller and he explained what he meant using the story of the Lone Ranger. He said he should be called the  “Almost Lone Ranger” . Tonto – his trusty sidekick  – could track all sorts of things ( especially when they were in danger) and Mike explained that the “ALN” did not take himself off to tracking school to find out how to do it better than Tonto – he accepted that Tonto’s talent added value to what he was doing. And then of course his 4 legged friend Silver could be relied to take them out of any dangerous situation – whether it was galloping off  or pulling rocks . And yes – Silver is not human – but you get the drift.

Joking aside  the ALN is a great example of how a leader who knows his or her strengths and looks for others to add to their team to balance them up.

And then… I discovered from the Lone Ranger fanclub  site that Johnny Depp has been signed up to play Tonto in the proposed movie with Jerry Bruckheimer as producer.   It is certainly hard to pigeonhole  Mr Depp – which is another great example of leadership … I feel a follow up post coming on.

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