#LearningStyles Awareness Day review

I want to support David Kelly’s Learning Styles Awareness Day, but have written pretty much all I want to say on the matter. In short, yes, learners differ. And, as a conversation with someone reminded me, it helps for learners to look at how they learn, so as to find ways to optimize their chances for success.  Yet:

There’s no psychometrically-valid learning styles assessment out there.

There’s no evidence that adapting learning to learning styles is of use.

So what to do?

Use the best learning you can (at the end of the video).

Then help learners accommodate.

Here’re my previous thoughts, developing towards a proposal for how to consider learning styles, in chronological order:

Learning Styles

Learning Styles, Brain-Based Learning, and Daniel Willingham

Rethinking Learning Styles

Situated Learning Styles

My problem with learning styles really is the people flogging them without a) acknowledging the problems, and b) appropriately limiting the inferences.  Sometimes it seems like playing ‘whack-a-mole’…

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