Learning to be genuine

We generally have a disconnect between the person, business, or agency that we want to be and the reality of who or what we are today.  This disconnect is a great thing, an opportunity for growth an opportunity for improvement.  However, when not understood, it is also a major pain point, something that leads your customers, your citizens, to lack faith in your words and actions.

As you begin to make use of collaborative solutions, like social media, it is critical that you recognize the importance of being genuine.  This is hard, especially for businesses and agencies that enable multiple people to take part in conversations on your behalf.  So, as you review the strategies and tactics you have in place, take some time to clearly define:

  • Who are we today?  For businesses, how do we fit in the marketplace?    For people, what are your real strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do we want to be perceived?  Nearly every person, every company, every politician, every agency, wants to be perceived as an expert, a guru, a thought leader.  The reality is that most are none of those things.

How you bridge the perception gap, both in person and across collaborative channels like Twitter, Facebook, your web site, will tell people who you are.  Be genuine, bridge those gaps by making efforts to become who or what you represent.  If you fake it people will know.  Listen, learn, and engage.  Take the time to be genuine.


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