Learning Management Systems Save HR Time and Money

Human ResourcesHuman resource departments are often expected to accomplish a lot of work with small budgets and little time.

In addition to hiring new employees and dealing with workplace grievances, they are often in charge of maintaining employee records, training and development, recruitment strategies, benefits packages, performance management, succession planning, and payroll. To accomplish these many tasks, organization is essential. More specifically, an online organizational system is needed.

To increase productivity and decrease cost, companies are equipping their HR departments with Learning Management Systems (LMSs). These comprehensive, cloud-based tools are making it possible to accomplish a lot with a little.

In fact, 76 percent of companies surveyed in a CedarCrestone study believe their HR administration systems are providing cost effective business solutions. In other words, these systems are saving money. More so, HR administrators are increasing their productivity with little effort. In fact, according to the survey, the time employees spend working on HR tasks is cut dramatically by 20 – 25 percent.

Spending less time on monotonous organization tasks is unnecessary with a single, easy-to-use employee database. Instead of using separate systems for payroll, HR processing, attendance and training, an LMS ensures all tasks can be monitored on a single platform.

All the while, the LMS is working to cut costs. Unlike other technology systems, a SaaS (Service as a Software) LMS does not come with the headaches of maintenance and repair. A SaaS LMS is accessed remotely. It is often housed with the software provider who maintains the servers and software. This eliminates the reliance HR has on IT staff and ensures they always have access to innovations, upgrades and customer support.

TOPYX® is a social learning management system that HR departments use to accomplish many tasks.  This cloud-based platform is easy to install and HR employees can access it from any device that connects to the internet. Better yet, TOPYX is available for a flat subscription rate. The fixed price platform makes it easy and inexpensive to add as many users as necessary to the workplace database. Get a free demo of TOPYX to see how it is revolutionizing eLearning and aiding overworked HR departments.

Ultimately, the SaaS LMS is making it possible for companies to cut costs and increase productivity.  When it comes to accomplishing a seemingly endless list of HR tasks, HR technology is necessary. Investing in the right platform can save the company money and spare HR personnel time and headaches.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]

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