Learning How to Use a New Bathroom Scale

I bought a new bathroom scale a couple months ago.  Each morning when I get up, I move it away from the wall into the center of the bathroom.  Damn, the thing was complicated.  First, I got oo in small letters, then err, then the numbers wouldn’t come up.  Eventually I’d get my weight, but what a pain to go throughI was about to toss it or take it back to Target.  But then yesterday morning, I picked it up, turned it over and saw small print.  This is what it said: Step on the scale (disregarding the reading), then step off.  The process insures the scale is flat.  Do this whenever scale is moved.  At all other times step straight onto the scale.”What’s going on here?  New technology?  Who shall I blame?  MYSELF.As I’ve reflected on my all too human problem, I figured out what the real issue is.  Once I’ve got a certain mental model in place about things are supposed to work, it never crosses my mind that things have changed.  The old mental model won’t work any longer.  That was a great lesson for this consultant.  Changing the simplest model about how things work can be frustrating and painful.  We’d prefer not to have to do it.  In other words, stop the world. I want to get off.  Problem is, the world won’t stop.Anybody else have the same problem?  I’d really like to hear your experience.
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