Learning and Development is a Key Driver of Engagement

Psychologist, Dr. Marla Gottschalk, inspired us with her recent post about the Top Drivers of Engagement.  The top 10 Key Drivers of Engagement all dealt with Learning and Development, Leadership, and Impact and Honesty (Source: Culture Amp).

It is no surprise that these are key drivers for engagement, and here’s why:

When your talent knows that you are investing in their learning and development by enabling them with new skills and competencies, they are far more likely to give you their discretionary energy.

Your talent does not want to stay stationary. They want skills that make them more marketable NOW and in the future.

The new work order has changed, and talent is no longer trading job security for job loyalty, but when you give them career opportunities now and opportunities for growth in the future they feel visible and valued, which translates into giving their energy and loyalty.

Your talent wants truth and integrity from senior leaders.  There is nothing worse than being lied to.  People can handle adversity when they are given the truth. The truth allows talent to make smart decisions, grow, and prepare for the future.  They are big enough, they are smart enough, and they are competent enough to handle it.

When you give your talent the truth, even when it’s inconvenient, they feel respected and valued.

These key drivers are integral for creating exceptional internal service cooperation and authentic, personalized experiences for your talent (and in turn your customers).

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