Lean IT Leadership: Top 10 lessons from Mike Orzen

In this video Mike Orzen, author of Lean IT: Enabling & Sustaining your Lean IT Transformation, shares his Top 10 lessons to help you in your Lean IT transformation, and articulate your strategy as daily actions you need to take to succeed.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • #10 Don’t delegate Lean
  • #9 Do Support learn by doing: Develop internal Lean IT coaches, Standard Lean IT Training, make room for improvement projects and daily Kaizen (2-4 hrs per week)
  • #9+ Make it visual and low tech
  • #8 Don’t believe Leading is same as command and control: Make sure you take the time to explain the Why, creating a consistent message, leading with humility and involving everyone in the organisation (crowd-source ideas!)
  • #7 Have a strategy and communicate how daily work relate to your Team, Department, IT, Company, Community
  • #6 Make sure you understand what you are getting into for the time, commitment necessary and challenges you’ll face in your Lean IT transformation
  • #5 Involve your Leaders and Managers first so they can develop the rest of your staff
  • #4 Manage IT as an integrated value stream
  • #3 Develop your people: focus on both Leaders & Managers to develop your staff but also directly for staff who do the work and help them improve their work.
  • #2 Proactively build trust: you don’t have all the answers, everyone needs to Learn
  • #1 Lead by example: participate in training , kaizen events, PDCA , daily standups, Demonstrate the ideal behaviours, going to Gemba, observing, understanding, not telling. Show respect and lead with questions. Observe and look for Mura (variability), Muri (overburden), Muda (wasteful not value add tasks)

Now share this post with your leadership team! You can help by focusing on quick wins: Get on top of demand management, measure speed & quality, learn from post-implemenation reviews. 
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