Leading With Stories and Symbolism

Let’s all face it, there is nothing faster or more effective and in many cases nothing more scary than the organizational rumor mill.

Today with the onslaught and impact of social media, the power of the organizational rumor mill is magnified and multiplied.

This accelerated rumor mill also is a tremendous opportunity for leaders who leverage stories and symbolism.

Who said a rumor has to be a bad thing?

In my experience, there is nothing more effective or more efficacious than the power of an organization’s rumor mill.

However, most people hear the word rumor and think of something that is negative.

What would happen if your organizational rumor mill was a positive rumor mill?

If you are a leader you should be teaching and modeling through stories and symbols to create positive rumors.

Leveraging symbolism and stories is the best for any leader to create engagement and ownership with their team.

Please tell me, have you ever sat around a fire and shared a PowerPoint?

We all know that people learn best from stories and symbols, now go use them for the common good.

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