Leading through turbulent times with PKM

In what BP’s oil spill says about management today, the author talks about the need to deal with increasing complexity, concluding:

Navigating a business successfully through turbulent times requires the ability to deal with ambiguity, be resilient in the face of adversity, be authentic and haveĀ the innovative capacity to anticipate and respond to the unpredictable environment. Consequently, leading through permanent whitewater requires an ability to sense, make sense, decide and act quickly. It requires a sharp mind, humility and an openness to new experiences.

It’s what I call life in perpetual Beta and one way to deal with it is by developing a personal knowledge management process. Seek, Sense & Share in order to handle the complexity of the networked age. This isn’t a “nice-to-have”, optional approach to organizational learning. It’s a necessity. BP sure could use PKM at all levels.

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