Leading From The Front Line

About Leading From The Front Line:

Today’s generation entering the workforce views jobs as opportunities to gather a portfolio of experiences, moving from organization to organization to acquire different skills.

This new part-time economy and part-time workforce presents both unique opportunities and unique challenges for organizations and its leaders. Leading from the Front Line addresses challenges that all leaders face today in developing, motivating and enabling their part-time talent.

The principles within this book will give leaders, as well as those that aspire to be leaders, insights on how to best lead their workforce so their people are enabled to create exceptional experiences for their customers.

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Leading From The Front Line Book CoverLeading From The Front Line will remind you and teach you simple yet powerful principles, including:

  • Front line leaders have the opportunity to see, learn and know more about the customer than any other type of leader in the organization.
  • All people want to be able to excel. They want skills that make them more marketable.
  • Every world-class leader listens to and acts on the truth!
  • Internal service cooperation is paramount today.
  • When you deliver skills that increase the competency of your workers, they always become more energized and engaged.
  • The key to intense employee engagement is to create a culture where leaders are held accountable for developing and enabling others.
  • Repetition is the mother of all learning.
  • Repetition is the mother of all learning.
  • Fast, fun and hassle-free rule!
  • What motivates you is different than what motivates me.

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Remember, these principles will only be as powerful as your commitment, follow up and reinforcement of them.

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