Leadership is Exercised through Competency: Demystification of Leadership

Leadership does not exist by itself.

It must be connected with what you are exercising leadership in. Which is why I get so incensed when people feel the need to separate management and leadership. YOU CAN’T HAVE THE THING WITHOUT ITS PROPERTIES. Written about

For example;

  • Managerial-Leadership – happens within workplaces where a manager is accountable for the output of a subordinate.
  • Familial-Leadership – happens within a family, Mother & Father exercise accountability for the raising of children and running of the family.
  • Political-Leadership – happens within political (local, State, Government) organizations. Where the politician is accountable to the people who placed them into office.

Each of the above leadership roles vary in authority and accountability and may or may not be transferable across each other. 

When a person is competent in their role 2 things happen

1. People are happy to follow along together with that person

2. From the feeling that they want to follow along, arises another feeling; namely that this person is endowed with certain great leadership qualities.

It’s almost a mystical feeling of everyone being at one with everyone else.

With great competence in completing the work exercising leadership accountability the effects bind people together. This binding touches the deep values of social cohesion and psychologically we associate, incorrectly, that person with qualities in our leaders, rather than with effective competence.

In the video I mention how to determine effective competence of a person in their role, here is the formula.

CP + V + K&S + Wi + (-T) = CAC



What do you think?

Do you have an example of someone who had great competence for their work? How did that affect your work with and around that person? Do you believe that there are certain ‘leadership qualities’ that exist outside of a person being competent at their work?

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