Leadership Friday Favs 12.16.11

life, love and leadershipHere’s hoping you’ll find some good reading – and inspiration – in our fav list for this week!

10 Ways to Act More Important Than You Really Are (Dan McCarthy, Great Leadership)

Dan’s post sure didn’t rub the BIG team the wrong way…we say right on! Character-based leaders are all about authenticity and sincerity rather than fretting about the size of their chair or feigning pseudo-intellectualism. (We did have a great walk down memory lane thanks to Dan, reminiscing about the big shots who sported the latest briefcases and had assistants fetch Italian coffee for meetings, thinking we would all be impressed!)

7 Ways Work Can Make You Physically Sick (Jeremy Dean, PsyBlog)

As the year winds down and you’re feeling a bit off even thinking about going to work, check out this post to determine if any of these factors may be in play for you.

The Four Corners Of Great Leadership (Tim Sanders, Tim Sanders blog)

Whether you’re new to the leadership game or would benefit from a quick view of what’s most important, Tim’s list of four — vision, commitment, influence and purpose – is either a great introduction, or reminder, of some foundational leadership premises.

Boosting Your Career and Personal Resilience (Kate Buller on The Glass Hammer)

Resilience is a key ingredient for life and workplace success. Kate provides interesting information regarding the biological responses to stress and offers a number of helpful suggestions for boosting your own resiliency.

Food for thought: There are seven things that will destroy us: wealth without work; pleasure without conscience; knowledge without character; religion without sacrifice; politics without principle; science without humanity; business without ethics. ~Mahatma Gandhi


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