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Free Resources Courtesy of Big Names in the Leadership Industry

If you are interested in the topic of leadership, here’s a great free resource that my colleague Donna Bova alerted me to this morning: The Leadership and Influence Summit. It’s a free online learning event that’s on-demand— sign up and you’ll have immediate access to over 30 thought-leaders on the topics of leadership and influence.  Each featured speaker has pre-recorded a video segment with a key message. You just click on the person’s photo to listen to his or her message.

No doubt you’ll recognize many of the names, including: Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, co-authors of The Leadership Challenge , Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth,  Charlene Li, author of Open Leadership, and Tom Ziglar (yes, that’s Zig’s son). I was pleased to see some of my favorite leadership bloggers as well: Mike Myatt, Scott Eblin and Kevin Eikenberry.

The only thing that would make this free event better is to have seen a few more female faces.  There are only four women featured.  So, if this event is featured next year, I would encourage the event organizers to include more female leadership voices—what say you Jane Perdue, Mary Jo Asmus and Anne Perschel?

To register, go to the main page: http://www.leadershipandinfluencesummit.com/ and click on the “register below” hyperlink.

Disclaimer: by tweeting and blogging about this event, I will get my name entered into a drawing for some “leadership resources” offered by the event organizers. But hey, so can you.  Just go to the main page, register and follow the instructions.

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