Leaders Move in Concert With Followers

Team Building & Leadership Expert Michael Cardus

Time span of accountability for Leadership and Followers within organizations.

When exploring Organizational Leadership the time-span for goal completion is  different according to different levels of accountability and ability. Respectfully the people who report to the Business Unit leader have part in the goal achievement  and the time-frame for accomplishing goals is shorter, shorter, and so on until will reach the front line staff. For example:

  • 4 years Time Span Horizon for the Longest Goal the Business Unit Leader must complete.
  • 2 years Time Span Horizon for the Longest Goal the VP of the Business Unit (who is accountable to the Business unit leader) must complete.
  • 1 year Time Span Horizon for the Longest Goal the Manager of Business Unit (who is accountable to the VP of the Business unit) must complete.
  • 1.5 months Time Span Horizon for the Longest Goal the Front Line Staff of the Business Unit (who is accountable to the Manager of the business unit) must complete.

This organizational leadership structure illustrates everyone moving in concert.

Leadership IS about people moving in synchrony, resonance with each other.

The term “To Lead” comes from lǣdan which is Anglo-Saxon for to go or to travel together. “To Follow” is fulgangen, which means to go together in a crowd or to go as a full company (Jaques & Clement 1994).

Leadership moves in team-work with everyone. Anticipating and knowing the necessary tasks, requirements and steps for followers. The followers move in resonance with each other and the leader. Learning and being accountable to achieving tasks and completing good work.

Leading teams begins with the goals, and understanding the tasks for completion. Additionally each person within the team is able to complete the tasks for success in a time-frame that is comfortable and within their abilities, values + commitments.

Focusing on moving in resonance together knowing that your manager has your back and knowing that those who report to you also have your back. People want to be successful and work; Leadership that knows and practices traveling together will yield amazing results.

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