Leaderhip Carnival: Venetian Style

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If your job didn’t require it, would you want to write a blog with your co-workers? Fortunately, the team at Talented Apps answer is “yes!”

This month’s Leadership Carnival is hosted by a “face” that’s new to me . . .or make that several faces: the folks at the Talented Apps blog. The Talented Apps blog is written by a group of Development and Strategy individuals within the Oracle Fusion HCM team.  The blog focuses on various Talent Management issues. It’s a fine example of a work team collaborating to make an impact beyond their day-to-day job duties. Please stop by this month’s Leadership Carnival, which takes a very unique look at leadership “masks” using the Venetian Carnevale as its backdrop.  I’m pleased to have a post featured along with over 25 bloggers thinking about leadership in varied ways.

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