Latest global stats show the continuing march of the visual web


On Business 2 Community, Jeff Bullas has looked at the Global Web Index, and pulled out12 excellent charts about social media use worldwide.  They are here, if you want to take a look.  I’ll concern myself with a few of the findings that continue to point social media as a whole becoming more visual.

In particular:

Pinterest and Tumblr, are the fastest growing social networks worldwide, both seeing an increase in users of 88% and 74% compared to a year ago.   Tumblr of course isn’t a pure image led-platform, it is perfectly possible to use it for long form text posts.   However, imagery has played a key part in its success, and for many users it serves the role of a visual scrapbook and diary.


Uploading photos is now the most popular activity on Facebook.  More active Facebook users uploaded photos than messaged another Facebook friend or commented on a post.   And that goes for mobile and tablet, as much as desktop users.

Social-media-facts-figures-and-statistics-2013-12 The same is true for Google+.  There has been a lot of commentary about how Google+ has tried to make the network extremely photo-friendly, including in-built editing tools and the ability to store your mobile photos.   Just like with Facebook, Google+ users on desktops, smartphones and tablets like to upload and share images before anything else.

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