Knowledge workers of the world, Collaborate. You have nothing to lose but your Managers!

Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week:

This tweet of mine has become rather popular in less than a day:

Knowledge workers of the world, Collaborate! You have nothing to lose but your Managers!

& some other quotes:

“Organizations not engaged in real-time sensemaking are going to find themselves getting Dumb and Dumber” by Jeff Jonas (& others). via @jonhusband

“Don’t pity the blind man, for he has never seen PowerPoint.” @MeetingBoy

“Hierarchy is a prosthesis for trust” … Warren Bennis” via @jonhusband

Twitter daily papers? “one-directional republishing of other people’s content”[email protected] – via @britz & @hamtra [I strongly encourage all Twitter Daily Newspaper publishers to read this]

These daily newspapers are gaining rapidly in popularity. I have this fear that I will find a second major pollutant in my stream, coming from some of my favorite Twitter friends, whose intentions may be good, but whose total output of one-directional content may block those conversations that I hold so dearly.

Reason 543 Why You MUST Stop Site Blocking: Your Employees Can’t Solve Their Problems On Their Own. by @michelemmartin

Yesterday was a typical day for me as a knowledge worker–lots of unrelated problems to solve, ranging from troubleshooting an issue with a WordPress blog I was setting up for a client to gathering information on employment statistics for people with disabilities. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in having this kind of wide-ranging work to do. Even the specialists among us have found their job duties broadening in this tight economy.

Virtual teams really are different: 6 lessons for creating successful ones”  via @C4LPT

Lesson No. 1: Focus on people issues.
Lesson No. 2: No trust, no team.
Lesson No. 3: “Soft” skills are essential.
Lesson No. 4: Watch out for performance peaks.
Lesson No. 5: Create a “high touch” environment.
Lesson No. 6: Virtual team leadership matters.

Evidence, Wikileaks, Machiavelli & the New Enlightenment: Evidence-based HR

The one thing that stands out for me from the WikiLeaks debacle is just how much the ‘old order’ is resisting the new. One group that has had to come out into the daylight are the diplomats who are berating Wikileaks for not playing the game according to their old rules – saying one thing in public and another in private. Their resistance to this seismic shift in thinking, equivalent to the Enlightenment when reason started to prevail over intuition and superstition, is rather pointless as they are going to have to adapt to it in one way or another.

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