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After seven years, my business has taken another turn, as one would expect from a life in perpetual Beta. Starting tomorrow I will be spending a good part of my time supporting research at Mount Allison University. I have accepted a term contract as Knowledge Transfer and Partnerships Officer in Research Services. It’s a very interesting role and I’m looking forward to branching out of information and learning technologies and working with life sciences, among other fields. The work is full-time (though not by freelancer standards) and then turns to half-time. It’s like a working sabbatical for me. There’s even paid vacation time – I have not taken a vacation in ten years.

Jarche Consulting will continue as a business and I will still blog, but probably less frequently. There are over 1,700 existing posts here for anyone to peruse. I also intend to discuss issues around technology and knowledge transfer in the context of higher education. You can expect more knowledge management type discussions. This will definitely be a learning experience and I look forward to expanding my network and my knowledge.

With less time to concentrate on my own consulting, and business development, I will focus on working with my colleagues at the Internet Time Alliance.

Let me now officially add the disclaimer that the views expressed here are my own and do not reflect the views of any past or current employers or clients.

One interesting point: my e-mail address will be the same one I had a decade ago while at the Centre for Learning Technologies.

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