Knowing When To Get A New Roof

damaged_roofFor as often as we enter and leave our homes, through the back door, through the front door and even through the garage, we seldom stop and look at the roof. We treat the roof as a constant that should never change. It’s not until we see water dripping down the wall during a rain storm that we pay it any attention. By then, it’s too late. When water is leaking into the house through the roof, a great deal of damage has already occurred. The roofing shingles are only the first line of water, or weather defense. They are the most effective at sloughing off water. When they are damaged the subsequent layers beneath, are easily compromised.

It’s not difficult to recognize when the shingles on your roof need replacing. With wooden slat style shingles, the first sign of damage is seen when the shingles begin to change color. Most have been stained or at least treated. That coloring begins to turn ashen. The more ashen coloring on the shingles, the more desperate the roof is in need of repair.

Terra cotta shingles show their age by becoming brittle. They begin to crack on the edges, and especially where they are nailed to the roof. Terra cotta shingles are heavy, and over time their own weight will pull them loose from the nails and send them crashing to the ground. If this is happening, then your roof has long since passed the time in which it needs to be replaced.

Asphalt shingles, the most commonly used shingle on new homes today, show their age by either curling at the edges or chipping off at the edges. They look like colored sand on top of tar. If the black tar looks grey or brittle then, it probably is old. This type of roofing material is inexpensive, but it doesn’t last as long as other materials. It does however, come in a host of different colors and is quickly and easily installed. Any roofing installation should be done by professionals, such as the roofers of San Rafael.

Slate shingles are made of natural stone. As such, they do not dry out. They do occasionally crack and break off of a house. It is extremely unusual for these to simply break.

If you are in doubt about your roof, you should call a professional to examine it for damage, and age related problems. Roofers of San Rafael are experts in identifying roofing problems, and repairing them. Even if you have let the problem go so far as to drip water into your home, roofers of San Rafael can help you to repair the problem quickly and efficiently.

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