Key to Personal Productivity

That is, when you have something that is a priority to you — for personal growth, career development, or just plain fun… a hobby, a sport, reading a book, adding to your education… — how do you make sure it gets done, and doesn’t fall off your daily To Do list? This question comes from a Quora forum.

Friend and executive coach J. Mike Smith had some great advice. For practical getting-it-done tips and research, check out David Allen and John Medina’s Brain Rules. But the key point that Smith made is that not everything works for everybody: You have to find what works best for you.

That takes trial and error. Sorry. There is no blue pill/red pill quick answer!

You will have to try a combination of tips on for size, adjust them, tweak them until you find the best approach for you.

However, there is at least one thing that all personal paths seem to have in common:
Make it a personal passion.

Somehow, there always seems to be time for the things we are truly passionate about. And we always seem to be pressed to make time for the gazillions of ShouldDo’s and WannaDo’s and WishICouldDo’s that are on our lists.

That, of course, means focusing on one passion at a time (one per quarter seems to be the average for most people…renewing that passionate priority every three months if it takes longer to accomplish).

Pre-work before you go there: I would suggest trying Chris Brogan’s Three Word approach… Using just three words to describe your personal priorities for the coming year. Truly simplifies life into something that’s easily manageable, as well as creating a mantra that you can get passionate about!

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