Key stories and thoughts plus my radio show launches

They will let anyone on the air, even that guy to the left of what I am writing.  I was pleased to have my first radio show of The Social Ecosystem Lab go off so well.  This show, and every weekly show from here forward, will  hit upon the top stories of the week (from my perspective) as well as have a guest discussing real-world experiences with topics relevant to The Social Ecosystem.

I would urge you to listen to today’s podcast (by clicking on the link above) as I had Darrel W. Cole, Senior Communications Specialist at Parsons Brinckerhoff and Jodi Conachen, Communications Director, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, on to discuss the communication and public relations efforts that went into a major 2-day construction effort.  The effort involved closing down a heavily trafficked bridge,  80,000 drivers (in addition to marine and rail traffic) were impacted.  Their up-front planning and cross-channel strategy (in person, newspapers, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) worked well, they only had 1 complaint over the course of the two days of the project.

If you get a chance, give a listen.


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