Keeping the “Engagement” in EOS: The Not-so-hidden “Why”

We stress the line that EOS “is just a set of simple, real world practical tools, timeless concepts that have been around for 100 years – going to be around for 1000 more.” If you are part of the 20,000+ companies that have worked with an implementer you have heard these words at least once. […]

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I started the trU Group to help organizations and leaders in transition realize growth and excellence. My expertise lies in creating strategy, developing leaders, and then building and equipping both leaders and leadership teams to effectively manage growth. I partner with small- and medium-sized businesses that desire healthy growth and are challenged with having the time for development. I believe that in transitions there are tremendous opportunities for growth, and tremendous risks for both individuals and organizations; I help organizations and leaders seize those opportunities while avoiding some of the risks becoming reality. I bring a balance of academic knowledge, experience of working with hundreds of leaders, and the personal experience of leading through key business transition situations, with a passion for people-centered leadership.

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