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Alan Silberberg, Founder and Chief Idea Dude of Silberberg Innovations and a true pioneer in the government 2.0 movement, was kind enough to share his thinking on why it is important to keep it simple.  This is one of the key concepts of The Social Ecosystem, of course, and I appreciate him taking time out of a very busy schedule to weigh in.   Note that I am an advisor for Silberberg Innovations but this role is in unrelated to Alan’s thinking on this matter.

Here are Alan’s thoughts on the subject.

We all talk. You talk all day long. Think about it. Social media is an extension of our conversations. Now you can talk to more than one person at the same time. You can throw jargon around: be technical, argumentative, creative, scary, wrong, right; but we tend to lose that simple concept when we start diving deep into our own respective industries. In the Government 2.0 space, the tendency to get both technically heavy in terms of language and the coinciding tendency towards secrecy have collided to create sometimes an air of walled thinking.

But as many have argued – this just closes down the best ideas, and keeps innovation from reaching some of it’s higher levels. Several have been people engaged in Twitter dialogs and conference rumblings about getting rid of version nomenclature. I have, while advocating the semantic web (Gov 3.0) in fact been deep in this. Simultaneously I have been loosely advocating for fewer hashtags on Twitter. if only to free up space for discussion.

Having written, spoken and even created a conference around the concept of keeping it simple through language, I look at the progression the Gov 2.0 movement is bringing by way of social media and the 24 hour real-time web. On one hand it is supremely easy to get to a laser focus between experts. On the other it is the greatest opportunity to reach mass numbers of people, by talking. This is why the concept of The Social Ecosystem is so important as it embraces the concept of keeping it simple.  Master the simple language version and it won’t matter what number it is. 

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