Keep Your Eye on the RPO Doughnut, Not the Hole

Right now, I am really busy with Recruitment Process Outsourcing proposals, presentations, and events (May 7th & 8th is HRevolution 2010 and May 17th is the Social Recruiting Summit). So are my co-workers. If fact, Pinstripe is full of activity.

Being this busy is great (and we should all appreciative); however, being busy also has some inherent pitfalls which can be distracting and disruptive. This potential drawback can be summed up as the “Doughnut Effect.”

The Doughnut Effect is:

When people are busy and personal interactions are rushed then the conversation tends to focus on what is missing and who is responsible for the omission versus what is being accomplished and who should be recognized. Instead of concentrating on the doughnut, we become obsessed with the hole.

The doughnut is the good stuff (sorry all you dieters). The hole is all the other bull – all the stuff that pollutes your creativity and lessens your productivity. As Oscar Wilde once said: “The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist sees the hole.”

My suggestion for dealing with the Doughnut Effect is:

Whenever you catch yourself frustrated about something, ask yourself if you are looking at the doughnut or the hole.  If the “hole” is under your control, take action to fill it.  Otherwise, focus on the doughnut.

And if you are truly able to take action on the “hole” and fill it, then remember these words of doughnut wisdom from Caddyshack:

“A doughnut without a hole is a Danish.”

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