Keep your business real with videos

I recently viewed this video from INgage Networks and wanted to highlight it.  First, the video:

What I like:

  • The company focuses first on delivering great information.
  • It is delivered in an entertaining fashion.  Kathy Saenz keeps you engaged throughout the video.  Yes, it is a little wacky but it’s done at just the right level.
  • Video is a must have for most businesses.   While this video is shot at a great quality level that is less important than the information being delivered and the way the information is delivered.

What I wish was included:

  • A call to action to capture potential customers.  When you use videos include added value information that will require the user to sign-up to receive (even if it is to receive notifications about upcoming videos).  Capture this data in your CRM system.
  • An additional conversation stream.  Complimentary to the video setup a Twitter hashtag, a Buzz stream, a discussion thread in your Facebook fan page or on your blog.  Make the video more than a one-time event for your company and for your customers.

What else would you add?


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