Keep learning via Twitter Chats

If you spend time on Twitter you should consider participating in the weekly chats that take place.  These chats, covering topics from Social Media to PR to Open Government, are providing a number of benefits, benefits you might be missing out on:

  • Learning, of course.  I have been learning from thought leaders and visionaries around the globe on a variety of topics.  I have learned more from these conversations than I learned years ago in college.  Of course, it was hard to carry those rock tablets from cave to cave bck then.
  • Learning about job opportunities.  These chats are focused but also allow for side conversations and banter with jobs occasionally being discussed.
  • Finding mentors.  This chats include people who are at all stages of their careers, from the beginning to the end.

While this lt is far from a complete list, it does cover some of the chats I know about, what other ones should I add:

  • journchat on Monday at 8 PM ET.  All things journalism are discussed.
  • pr20chat on Tuesday at 8 PM ET. All things PR are discussed.
  • custserv and sbbuzz on Tuesday at 9 PM ET.  Customer service and social business items are covered by these groups.
  • IMCchat and smallbizchat on Wednesday at 8 PM ET.  Integrated Marketing Communication and Small business issues are covered during these chats.
  • localgovchat on Wednesday at 9 PM ET.  A new chat, focused on making local government more transparent, more open.
  • ict4d on Friday at 12 PM ET.  Discussions about leveraging information and communication technologies in some of the poorest areas of the world.

Let me know what else I am missing.


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