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During February We Are Making A Special Offer to You.

It would personally mean a lot to me if you would take a couple minutes of your precious time and read this email and then took the next step of ordering copies of People Artists to make work better for yourself and everyone you work with.

Are you ready to fully ignite and express your People Artistry at work? Do you know how to draw out the best in others? Are you repaying the debt to all those who brought out the best in you?

People Artists by Peter Hart and David Zinger is a pithy, beautifully illustrated book drawing on the wisdom of leaders who are artists in getting people to engage at work. ~ Harvey Schachter, Globe and Mail, January 5, 2016.

Peter W. Hart and I wrote People Artists: Drawing Out the Best in Others at Work for you and the people you work with. We want to eradicate days of drudgery, wishy-washy weeks, mundane months, and years of yearning with powerful daily doses of robust connection, recognition, and engagement based on the 5 tools of People Artists:

  • Your heart cares
  • Your ears listen
  • Your eyes see
  • Your lips express
  • Your hands give

People Artistry is a social book. We would be pleased if you read the book yourself but we want to assist in creating a workplace that achieves results, builds relationships, and installs wellbeing through a movement of People Artists ready, willing, and able to make work better.

If you’re familiar with David’s take on employee engagement, you know he gets to the heart of what’s important about it: our relationships with each other. People Artists makes a link between our senses, our emotions and intellect, and how we experience the world and create experience for ourselves and others. Each chapter then shows how various people have used these ideas to forge relationships. As an Anthropologist, I greatly enjoyed that the book draws upon people’s stories. The back and forth of illustrations, stories, and invitations to practice and reflect are not something that most people ordinarily think of when they think of work. ~ Jasmine Gartner, Workplace Anthropologist and employee engagement author

During February we are hosting Leap into People Artistry. Don’t allow leap year to pass without helping others at work leap into work. I often ask people if they can draw. Most people say they can’t. This is wrong. Everyone can draw they just might not draw as well as they would like. You can also draw out the best in other at work through People Artistry:

  1. Complete a self-assessment
  2. Learn from 37 other people artists
  3. Apply the 5 tools of the People Artist
  4. Commit yourself to the recommended practices
  5. Don’t let a day go by without drawing out the best in others and encouraging everyone at work to draw out the best from each other.

This slim hardcover book is packed with beautiful art, insights, and actions for work. Think of it as an exquisite mini coffee table book for your office desk.

This is a wonderful book- it’s like opening a gift when you read and experience it fully. I am honoured to be mentioned in the book as a people artist and Iencourage all leaders to pick up a copy. It’s one I keep out on my desk at work so others can discover it too. It’s easy to read, a joy to experience & full of easy & meaningful tips on bring out the best in yourself and others. Enjoy! ~ Leslee Thompson, Former President & CEO of Kingston General Hospital, Currently President and CEO of Accreditation Canada

Try before you buy

Go ahead and try before you buy. You can even take the self-assessment. Check out a sample of the book by clicking on the title: People Artists: Drawing out the Best in Others at Work.

Special Purchase During February

10 or more copies. During February we are doing out best to help you create a community of People Artists in your workplace. If you order 10 or more copies we are offering this $19.95 hardcover book for just $14.95 plus shipping.

100 copies. Even better — if you order 100 copies for your workplace the price is only  $9.95. For under $1000 you can educate, inspire, and encourage 100 people artists where you work!

Order now

To keep this simple, just email me, David Zinger, [email protected] and I will personally get your order started and if you can’t wait, phone me at 204 254 2130. During February I will personally look after you even, if you just want to order one book for $19.95 plus shipping! 

David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and expert and co-author of People Artists.


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