Jill Konrath, Great Work MBA

The Great Work MBA, our free and virtual conference, start next week. If you want to do Great Work, you need to get people on your side and convince them of your cause. In other words, you need to sell. But not in a smarmy, marketing-jargon way- in a way that is genuine and engaging. I’m very pleased to have Jill Konrath join us on Thursday Nov. 14th to educate us on how to sell your ideas.

Jill  is a sales expert and author of two bestselling books on sales. I first came across her work with her book, Selling to Big Companies.  Jill’s latest book, SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today’s Frazzled Customers, goes even deeper and really addresses selling to the busy, overwhelmed executive with no time for a sales conversation.

I had the privilege of interviewing Jill last year. If you haven’t heard it, you may want to tune in as we explore:

  • The four factors crazy-busy people use to make decisions
  • How to go from a self-centered, jargon-filled marketing machine to engagement with others
  • The three decision cycles that lead to a sale
  • Using a buyer’s matrix in sales conversations

Listen to my interview with Jill Konrath

(And, sign up for the free Great Work MBA conference!)

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