Jay’s snapshots

Poor man’s instructional technology

I bought several 12″ electronic picture frames from Amazon for $120 a pop and installed them in a display case at the Internet Time Lab in Berkeley.

NIX N’ EASY 12 Inch Hi Resolution SVGA Digital Picture Frame, 1GB Internal Memory, Remote Control, Photo, Video, Music, Split Screen Option, X12A

In the Lab, one machine explains what the Lab is about (incubating ideas), another shows the people and thinking of Internet Time Alliance, and yet another displays our intellectual property. A smaller frame was showing photos of theĀ Oxford Union Debate on informal learning. (Note to self: should include videos, too.)

Last night I added another show, this one of presentations and meetings I’ve been involved in. Yes, folks, it’s a two-minute vanity piece:

Here’s how to make one of these. It will take you maybe 30 minutes once you have the images together. I put my content into Keynote (i.e. PowerPoint) and exported it as a QuickTime movie. I pulled that file into iMovie to add the soundtrack and titles. I exported that as a 720×540 movie which I upload to YouTube, which I embedded on this page.

For display in an older e-frame, I would have exported the Keynote/PowerPoint as images and transferred them with a USB memory stick.

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