It is OK to Fail

Failing at workI was challenged the other day.”Your philosophies leave no room for failure” I was told that I preach about reaching goals, and that nothing is impossible. A lot of stuff is impossible. “I can never become a star football player, because my knees don’t work”. “I can’t become whatever I want”, “there is limitations” I have been under heavy artillery lately so, since this is coming from close personal friends and family I feel the need to say it is ok to fail.

Goals , Hopes and Dreams

There is a difference between the following:
– Unrealistic dream
– Realistic dream
– Unrealistic goals
– Realistic goals
– Unrealistic hope
– Realistic hope

Realistic is within reach, it is aligned with your talents. When does realistic become unrealistic? People have reached unrealistic goals before, realized unrealistic dreams, and overcome unrealistic hope. So where do you draw the line between realistic and unrealistic? A goal needs to be attainable, but not easy. A dream should be big but not to big? How can you stretch your achievements and develop if you limit yourself? Do not pin point one goal to a specific outcome, but keep hunting for improvements.

The reason why people fail…

If your goal is to be captain on Manchester United you set yourself up for failure, especially if you are like my chubby friend with bad knees, skewed vision and a bad back. The goal should be to be the best soccer player YOU can be!

Good goals:
Be the best leader you can be
Be the best employee you can be
Be the best technician you can be
Be the best swimmer you can be

– such goals is impossible to fail, and they pin point your obligation to do your best. You will need to continue to improve, seek knowledge and skills necessary to improve.

There are two things I love to tell myself.
Continue to improve, continue to challenge myself.

How can you fail? There are no limitations to how great you can be! There is no distinct border between realistic and unrealistic. You will just continue to improve, and as long as it is a fulfilling task you will have a lot of fun as well.

My goal: To become the best leader I can possible be.
My obligation: Is to continue to seek knowledge and wisdom, in order to make you the best you can become.

Do you have a goal with limitations and deadlines? How can you re-write your goal to be a gliding goal, for ongoing improvements?

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