It is choice not chance that defines our destiny

Awhile back we posted a blog entry in this space based on the marque
of a local church. When I drove by it the other day the announcement of
this Sunday’s sermon was on the marque and is the title of this post.

hear everyday people telling me that they know things need to change
within the organization, but it will take time and they will wait it out
until the organization gets around to changing the culture or the
policy, usually by managerial edict.

The problem is that is not
how we bring about determining the greatness of our organizations.The
destiny of our organization’s is decided by the critical CHOICES we make each and everyday in the workplace.

know we have to cut back on waste in the organization in order to meet
our corporate sustainability responsibility but do we take the critical
steps to achieve that goal? We know that we need to fill our talent
management needs with the best and the greatest, but do we forcefully go
after the talent or do we think that they will just fall into our laps.

current workplace environment requires us to determine the ultimate
outcome of where we want our organizations to be and to make definitive
choices on how we are going to get there. The old adage that this won’t
work because that is not the way we do things around here will not help
reach these goals. Management telling us that this is the way we have
always been the corporate mantra will not help reach those goals.

So what choices do we need to make to reach that goal of meeting our organizational destiny?

  • Utilize the 5 Why tool from the six sigma toolbox – Look
    at a process within your organization that appears to be holding you
    up. Ask Why you do it five times. Trust me at the end of the cycle you
    most likely find that there is not a valid reason why you perform that
    process in the way you do. Take the steps to improve the process to meet
    your goals.
  • Change your focus from silo to organization
    – Understand that in today’ marketplace a silo is self defeating. The
    silo mentality is a true characteristic of determining your
    organizational destiny by chance. You expect that if you perform the
    responsibilities of the function than greatness will come to your
    department. However we do not get there by chance. It is determined by
    specific, concrete actions on part of the total organization.
  • Get involved – We
    seem to see the term employee engagement bantered around the social
    media space quite often. But employee involvement is a better term for
    the requirements to reach the organizational destiny. We can only bring
    about the necessary changes if the entire organization from the C-Suite
    to the mail room are making the choices to improve the
    organization.There have been many surveys which indicate that the rank
    and file know , maybe even more than management, what is wrong with the
    organization. Get everyone involved on making the choices to bring you
    to your organizational destiny.

Stop what you are
doing for a moment and think, are you moving towards your 
organizational destiny based on chance or are you making the hard
choices to take you on the road to organizational success?

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