Is your company pre or post PC?

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Technology and Agility

I saw a post from Steve Rubel on Google+ this morning.  He asked the following question:

Do you feel we are already in a post-PC era? Interested in your views, but we are skewed as early adopters. I am interested in what you see around you in your friends and family or “in the wild.”

My short answer was no for big business, not really, but his question made me think about this notion.

Want to test your organizational agility?  Here is a great test for you to use to gauge yours.

Pick any type of technology or technological device that has not yet been adopted by your organization, say a tablet computing device, and put in a formal request to purchase and use that device.   pay attention to the ensuing havoc that arises, or not depending upon your organization.

This will give you some pretty good insights into the barriers of resistance that may exist in your company.  It will also give you the opportunity to try and fix them!


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