Is the Social LMS a Sales Machine?

Social LMS SalesInvesting in a learning management system (LMS) pays off in big ways. Most of the time, the return on investment, or ROI, can be realized by an increase in quality of services, training, and content distribution. These aspects of business are so valuable to flourishing companies that any direct monetary income generated by an LMS may be above and beyond the anticipated ROI.

A social LMS with eCommerce capabilities is a sound investment. Incorporating this type of system pays off one way or another. With software in place, companies reap the benefits of an online workspace and customizable, secure shopping cart options.

Better yet, a social LMS with eCommerce capabilities offers an all-encompassing approach to online sales. It incorporates social media outlets, global services, and easy reporting options. With only one system, it is possible to accomplish the necessary tasks for capturing product and service sales, as well as securing a full ROI.

Build Buzz About Products

Who can imagine a system that sells products and markets them too? It sounds too good to be true, right? Not with a social LMS.

A premier software provider has a finger on society’s pulse; they correctly anticipated trends of the time, putting social media tools and eCommerce capabilities together. This means that a company can build buzz about its products and sell them from one platform.

Serve Customers Worldwide

Competition is fierce in today’s economy. With the ability to tap into the global marketplace, a company can surpass restrictors that cripple business competitors. A social LMS that is cloud-based (meaning the LMS runs on software rather than hardware that needs to be installed and maintained by the service provider) can host information and make it accessible to any person, anywhere, who has internet connection and a web-browser.

In addition, some LMSs have language localization so that customers can view options in their native languages. TOPYX social LMS is a premier software the offers a globally secure infrastructure and language localization.

Easy Reporting Options

With online sales coming in from all over the world, it is important to have a great reporting system. This can monitor and advance customer service, accounting records, and sales trends. Above all else, it proves ROI and can help a company replicate its successful plan.

Social LMSs are meant to support businesses. TOPYX® is a social LMS that advances this mission. Request a free demo of TOPYX and explore how state-of-the-art eCommerce features empower businesses to rise above competitors and secure ROIs. TOPYX social LMS includes features such as:

  • Shopping cart icon
  • Visible catalog
  • Member and non-member pricing
  • New member acquisition prompts
  • Marketing tiles for catalog announcements and advertising
  • Licensing agreement options (terms for purchase)
  • Coupons – dollar/currency amounts, percentage, single use, multi-use, expiration dates, selected courses, etc.

Businesses are growing in ways that were once unimaginable. After acquiring a multi-functional online workspace and eCommerce engine, a company can secure its ROI and begin down the path of rapid expansion.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
[email protected]

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