Is the Outlook for the Economy and the Jobless Finally Looking Up?

Both this morning’s Wall Street Journal and New York Times touted the latest economic figures (see my previous post) as a good sign, in spite of the loss of 36,000 jobs last month.

The Journal quoted a report from Towers Watson (the HR consultancy) that found 92% of U.S. companies plan to hire in 2010, but more slowly than in the past.  I’ve picked up a number of comments by different execs since January echoing the research from Towers Watson.  Still another report showed consumers increased borrowing last month for the first time in a year.  That usually indicates consumer comfort with the economy.  The WSJ article is here.

The more detailed NYTimes article was less upbeat, but still drawing the conclusion that the worst of the Great Recession may now be past. 

Because of my continuing interest in careers and career development I tend to watch for related insights.  Confirming my own conclusions about careers was an especially poignant statement:

Some labor experts say the downturn has accelerated a refashioning of the economy that has been under way for decades, eliminating jobs in less competitive industries — particularly manufacturing, and more recently, housing construction and financial services. In this view, many of those jobs are unlikely to return regardless of growth.

That means, to me, that all of us need to understand and develop our own career strategy, and that continual growth is an absolute necessity.  My stomach churned slightly upon writing that.  That means I just can’t give up.  Most of the time I wouldn’t pay any attention to my gut.  Must be Saturday AM after a long, conflicted week.  Oh well, Saturday’s also a day for a nap. Link to original post


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