Is the iPad an iHeadache or a lesson for social recruiting?

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The hype in the last two weeks around the latest new shiny gadget from Apple – the iPad – has been nothing short of hysteria!!  Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare have been full of comment and opinion, about whether the iPad is the next big thing in tech. 

One question I have for all you Apple “nuts” – Is the iPad really that much of a game changer? In the big scheme of things globally, iPads are in a huge minority only used by Apple Heads, geeks and ‘I want one of those shiny new things’ fans.

BUT, and it is a BIG BUT – they create HUGE tidal waves of interest and curiosity.


By harnessing the internet and the power of social media to do it for them. The easy use and sharing of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and (lately) Foursquare have sent the Apple hype into the stratosphere.

Why should you give a ****? After all you don’t use Mac’s at your company, and you are not likely to use iPads’s in your recruitment process you are still on PC’s and Nokia’s in your company!

As a company looking to recruit new staff now (and certainly) in the near future – the economy is picking up, right? – then you need to be harnessing the power of the social media channels, to reach out to candidates like you never have before.

For all you companies that have taken the step, fantastic and keep pushing the boundaries. But for you companies and recruitment organisations that still have your heads in the sand, get it out now, and dust of the grains of sand quickly.

Social media has now been established as a great way of engaging with new recruits for a good while, and the longer you leave it, the more of your competitors will get there first and beat you to those great candidates.

While I accept that Apple are the hype specialists, they do demonstrate how easy and quick it is to distribute content around the web via social media.

So don’t give yourself an iHeadache for the future, and think about getting started with social media as a recruiting channel – go social recruiting!!

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