Is Jobshouts going to be the ultimate social recruiting tool?

Job Shouts The other day I came across this new “job board” – or employment resource –  as they have described themselves,  that I felt was worth a mention. For me this sits firmly into the new social recruiting tools category.

In their own words, “JobShouts is a job
search engine integrated with social media, helping to create
connections and deliver better matching results for both employers and
job seekers.”

For employers looking for talent, it has been designed to search for talent across social and business networks. For job seekers this tool allows you to make connections with employers, either for company research or finding people that work there to network with.

JobShouts is integrated with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other
social networks allowing you to post jobs straight to them as well as search these platforms via one search box. I have tested the search function over the last couple of days, and I have to say that I really like it. It produces an uncluttered search results page from a whole array of different sites.

But am I referring to it as a recruitment tool? Well sort of, because they have (accidentally or deliberately I am not sure) produced a great new candidate sourcing tool for recruiters!! Here is a search result I did earlier for ‘Community Manager’ in the UK:

Community Manager roles

Anyway, I am not sure if this is the ultimate social recruiting tool, but I have to say that, from the sourcing and searching side, (I haven’t tested the posting and receiving jobs section) they have produced a very useful tool!

What do you think? Give it a try and let me know.

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