Is it SPAM or just smart marketing?

Should new communication channels be leveraged in the same way as older channels?  Is bulk direct messaging on Twitter SPAM or simply a powerful way of leveraging this channel?  If a tree falls in the middle of the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?  Tough questions to answer, I know…

As you may know, Jeffrey Hayzlett, soon to the former Chief Marketing Officer at Kodak, has written a book.  The majority of his Twitter activity is spent promoting this book, no problem.  Yesterday afternoon, around 3 PM ET, I received this direct message from Jeffrey’s Twitter account:

“Wow! @TheMirrorTest made TheDailyBeast-This Week’s Hot Reads list, is #261 today on Amazon& #9 on “Mover &Shaker” List!

To which I promptly responded:

“Congrats. You should send me a copy :-)

Now…  I know I have a problem with “occasionally” being sarcastic…  Some consider it charming and others consider it annoying…I digress though…:-)

While I considered the DM a bit too self-promotional for my taste, is it SPAM?

  • I choose to follow Jeffrey on Twitter.  This gives him the right to send me any message he chooses.
  • Twitter does give me options.  I can report the message as SPAM and let Twitter decide how to treat it.  I can also choose to stop following Jeffrey’s account.
  • My response, meant as a test of sorts, was never responded to by Jeffrey or anyone monitoring his account.  Engagement was missing, this was purely a one-way push of information.
  • With more than 20,000 Twitter followers it is likely that this blast resulted in at least a couple hundred new book sales.
  • With more than 20,000 Twitter followers he has also received coverage, at least by me and I am sure others.

Here is the question though…  Was this smart marketing, poor marketing, or SPAM.  What do you think?


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