Is Google now effectively a huge social media drug dealer?


>>>disclosure<<< I am a big Google fan by the way!

When I was speaking to my IT provider yesterday, we were having one of our regular discussion around service offerings etc During the chat he levied that Google is effectively no different to a huge drug dealer – they dangle great things in front of you that it knows you want, and then keeps giving you more and more.  Then when you become completely dependant on them for everything – whammo – they have got you – you are in so deep, you just don’t get out!

Now I am not a drug dealer, but I have watched NYPD Blue, CSI and Prime Suspect (obviously essential research for this post) so I “know” how these dealers do it! They feed you the drugs that you want to feed your habit, then when your hooked, they have the power to do what they want with you!

Think I am mad?

You use Googlemail – they have all your contacts; next you sync these contacts with your computer and your smartphone You become reliant on the (usual) unnerving reliability of their emails

You use Google Search – you no longer search on the internet, you Google things. (When was the last time you used another search engine?)

You dumped your Internet Explorer (or Firefox) to use the faster Google web operation system – Chrome; after all they did tell you to use it, didn’t they (and of course you felt obliged to try it…..didn’t you?)

You use Google Reader for all your incoming news via RSS. (they make it so easy don’t they?)

You use Google Calender to manage your diary – and of course it syncs with your email inbox and your contacts – perfect!

You use Google Alerts to tell you what is going on, on the web with yourname, brand, product or service

You think the only video website is YouTube, and you visit it every day (along with billions of others!). And with YouTube going to host films, TV shows and live sports, will you go anywhere else?

You use Google docs to store all your documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the cloud for easy access, and to share with others if needed.

You have Google analytics embedded in your website and blog, tracking EVERYTHING to do with your website, day in, day out.

You advertise your business on Google Adwords – well, why wouldn’t you – it is brilliant!

You either buy goods or sell goods using Google Checkout. The way they have made payments so simple is so clever isn’t it?

Now Google have even started to (Google) Wave at you, telling you that email is dead and that Google Wave IS THE future –  well they would wouldn’t they?

And now this is all wrapped up in one mobile device with an operation system called Android. Appropriate, don’t you think? We have become controlled human Google robots!!

There are ELEVEN tools/products/services here (and there are loads more) – how many do you regularly use?

Well using my drug analogy – I must be completely hooked – I use 10 of the 11!! (Only my faithful Blackberry saves me from the full count!)

So, do you see what I mean now? They have done a fantastic job of getting us all hooked. Just how many of us would be bothered to exit Google and source similar services elsewhere (many of which are not as good either)?

I can tell you the answer…. not many!!

Google has us all hooked, we respond like nodding puppy dogs – but when are they going to make us pay for it all?

Maybe they will, maybe they won’t…….but one thing is for certain, they won’t be stopping anytime soon from delivering you further exciting products to get you even more addicted to your social media fix!!

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