Is Empowering Employees A Myth in Your Organization?

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On the surface, most leaders will agree that encouraging a workplace where employees feel valued and engaged is important to their organization’s growth and success. Indeed, a recent study by Aon Hewitt has shown that companies with high levels of employee engagement outperformed the total stock market index despite the current economic difficulties.

And yet, despite this understanding of the correlation between employee engagement and financial gains, a recent Gallup poll revealed that more than 70% of employees are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged”.

In the article “Empower Your Employees … Your Business Depends on It“, business consultant and customer service expert John Tschohl, author of the book “Empowerment: A Way of Life”, points out that part of the problem is that the concept of empowering employees is more of a myth as most “business owners think they’ve empowered their employees when in reality they haven’t.”

While corporations have access to a greater number of resources to tackle this issue, if not the ability to offer their employees more opportunities and challenges, how can small businesses address the issue of a disengaged workforce? Check out this article “Empower Your Employees … Your Business Depends on It” to find out what measures small business owners can take to empower their employees and read some of the results other business owners have had with engaging their team to succeed.

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