Is anyone actually using BranchOut – someone must be!

Last week I was genuinely stunned by some stats from Hitwise. According to them, the Facebook app Branchout made the Top 10 of employment websites in the UK! < Surely statistics can’t be wrong, can they?

Just for reference: the Top 10 employment sites last week were-,,,,,,,, and

Louise Triance from UK Recruiter checked them for me, and the answer from Hitwise was as follows:

“Yep it’s been growing strongly in the last few months. Branchout has been in the top 20 Employment websites since Christmas but broke into the top 10 this week. Visits have grown by 5% since January so it is doing well.”

Now, here is the problem – I don’t know anyone that is using Branchout!!! I read Bill Boormans blog post last week praising Branchout, and I am even considering trying it again (not a big fan the first time around!) But still I have not found anyone using it for recruiting!

So the question is – who is using Branchout in the UK and how come it made the top 10 employment site? If you are I would really like to hear from you (in the comments) to see if it is working for you.

Just to add some context to this post – my post on How to uninstall Branchout is currently my most popular blog post by far this year!!

Is it worth my while giving it another go then?


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