iPhone Users Love Their Email

comScore and Compete recently concluded that iPhone users read more emails than Android users. They also concluded bunch of other things but the email disparity between iPhone and Android users is the most eye catching.

I don’t have an android phone but I am sure Gmail is available. Is it Apple’s mobileMe service that is attracting more users?

Whatever the case, apart from the email usage, both iPhone and Android users are data hogs. In other words, they use apps and browse the Internet… a lot!

– 17% of U.S. consumer market is considering the purchase of an android-supported device in next three months, compared to 20% indicating they plan to purchase an iPhone.
– Email usage is 87% for iPhone users, compared to 67% Android users.
– 2300 people who intend to buy a smartphone in next 3 months were surveyed, 18% said they would buy Blackberry Pearl followed by iPhone with 14%.
– Blackberry is still popular with Business users.

Can’t wait for 2010, I hear Smartphones will rule! I am also excited about the new venture Shari and I are embarking on… watch out for details. (hint: it has something to do with smartphones)

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