iPad Handles Content More Like Paper, Less Like Computer

Cameron Daigle of Griffin Technology, on iPad:

Here’s a (possibly tremendously important) thought: the iPad is a portrait-oriented personal computer. Everyone has been so caught up with the touchscreen, whiz-bang look, and thinness (of Jobs and iPad both) that they’ve failed to be properly stunned at the realization that Apple is about to release the first natively portrait-oriented personal computer to hit the market in decades.

Another thought: The New York Times viewed on an iPad is arguably closer to print design than web design.

Landscape (widescreen) is good for video, and that’s a major reason why displays have gotten wider over the past several years. But portrait is good for text – that’s why most books are portrait-oriented. The iPad’s ability to handle – and seamlessly switch between – both modes is one of the most important design considerations that pushes it ahead of the status quo.

(Via Daring Fireball)

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