Inventing or Venting?

It likely comes as no surprise that human brains cannot vent and invent at the same time. Some media programs, and many organizations for that matter – enable venting in ways that preclude its opposite. How so? Focus on innovation, to observe a brain’s entire circuitry shut off spigots to complaints and turn on serotonin switches to novel possibilities.

Bruce Peters

The CEO Hour at WCEOhq Radio does just that. Co-hosts Bruce Peters and Diana Palotas toss back and forth hot insights between innovative business leaders in Rochester-Syracuse-Buffalo areas. As teams come together with promising innovation, several innovations have begun to emerge across Upstate New York.

Unlike media programs that vent,  brainpower approaches tend to invent new neuron pathways forward. It happens best when multiple talents get tossed into the ring, and cynicism gets swept out.  Recently MITA’s brainpowered renewal approaches fit innovatively into CEO Hour radio hosts Bruce Peters and Diana Palotas’ refreshing vision for growth in my area.

Diana Palotas

In Segment 1 – we discussed how organizations move from venting to inventing – with the brain in mind.  In Segment 2 we looked at brainpowered steps for innovative results at stagnating staff meetings.

It’s easier than most realize to shape talents into tools, when you cutoff lifelines to constant criticism and support teams with novel innovations that advance entire communities? At least that’s what I observed at CEO Hour Radio. Have you seen it happen?

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