Introduction: How to Make a Great Website

make a websiteA great website can be a great ally for your business.

A poor website? The loud acquaintance you just can’t seem to shake at a party.

Creating a website should be easy, right? Just write some stuff, post some pictures, stick your phone number on there, and you’re done.

Well, yes, you can make a website that is no more than a business card or brochure collecting dust in a drawer.

Or….. you can have a fabulous, interactive website that draws in visitors and inspires them to find out more, buy your stuff, keep coming back, become lifelong customers, and tell their friends.

Which would you rather have?

We can help you with the second idea. We’ve gathered the basics right here in this six-part series: How to Make a Great Website. We can help you get from the building stage to promotion (because a great website, after all, is an ongoing commitment.)

Want to build a great website? Read on!

Introduction: How to Make a Great Website
Part 1: Choosing a Domain Name
Part 2: Building Your Website: Evaluating the Choices
Part 3: Six Major Questions a Website Should Answer
Part 4: Fundamental Website Pages
Part 5: Is Your Website an Asset…or a Liability?
Part 6: How to Promote Your Website

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