Internet Time Alliance heads to the Netherlands

Internet Time Alliance is linking arms with an exciting Dutch company named TULSER. Tulser is an anagram of results, and that is what motivates both of our organizations.

In mid-December, the five Internet Time Allies will descend upon Maastricht, Tulser’s home. The oldest city in the Netherlands, Maastricht was founded by Neanderthals and Celts before the Romans set up camp. This is where Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany meet; Aachen is 30 kilometers down the road.

On December 13, Charles Jennings and Jay Cross will share a vision of working smarter at a private dinner with executives from across the Netherlands. The discussion will include a case study of Thomson-Reuters, focusing on cutting-edge performance improvement, knowledge work, and the business case in senior management terms. We will share concrete examples of improving customer focus, modernizing the learning function, and improving knowledge productivity. Participants will take away a workable frame of reference for helping their organizations work smarter. MORE

On December 14, we will lead a day-long symposium on working smarter. Clark Quinn is designing an interactive, multicultural agenda for immersion into equipping organizations to work smarter. Charles, Jane, Harold, Clark, and Jay will each lead cracker-barrel sessions in addition to presentations and examples. We’ll be providing updates here as the design comes together. MORE


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